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Listco.hk stands apart from other online business publications. It is a news platform tailored specifically for listed companies in Hong Kong, targeting company secretaries and directors. Helping them perform at their best. There are over 1,900 listed companies in Hong Kong and over 15,000 directors serving on their boards. Listco.hk is a place for sharing and giving back to that community.


Like the RBP Group itself, Listo.hk is making its mark in a city internationally recognized for its fast-paced can-do energy. Hong Kong functions better than any other city and is where opposites attract and business opportunities abound. Listco.hk is proud to be part of such an incredible and vibrant place and to participate in the coversations.


Taking inspiration from Hong Kong itself, Listco.hk understands that community and relationships between people drive success. The site is a place leaders go to stay informed, collaborate, share and experience. It is a repository of the latest stories that interest us and our readers. Contributors are welcome. We are committed to sharing what we learn with the community, in the spirit of true collaboration, so we can all continue to learn, improve and succeed.

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